Introduction to the Quran School Course

School Curriculum

Our course utilises child-centred Islamic studies textbooks, Quran reader, posters and monitoring and assessing tools
This Quran school Course consists of a comprehensive syllabus for Islamic studies, beautiful Islamic studies textbooks, a child centred attractive Quran reader Qaida in three parts, a Tajweed book, a book and posters for moral, social and spiritual development, a Salah diary to get children in the habit of praying regularly, an array of educational posters for the classroom. In order to monitor the progress of the pupil we have a simple personal learning record for each child that tracks his/her progress, this can be sent to parents.

The textbooks cover the following subjects;

1. Aqaid; beliefs of Islam,
2. Fiqh; detail rulings about worship and other aspects of daily life,
3. Sirah; the biography of the blessed Prophet [saw],
4. Memorisation of dua and Surahs that are recited in the daily prayers
5. Morals; the training, which enables a person to be good and kind
6. Manners; polite and courteous ways of dressing speaking and eating

Through our twenty years of teaching experience we have put together a robust administration package; child protection policy, class room rule, attendance register, fees collection. The key to success of any Quran school is experienced, dedicated teachers and managers, we provide teacher training and support to deliver the best so children can learn in a caring environment.

The teacher’s handbook encourages teachers to use;

1. Variety of teaching styles that focus on rewarding children
2. Have high expectations of pupils so they are always motivated to learn
3. Good classroom management that develops discipline in children.

The parent’s handbook provides clear guidance for how to be involved children’s education.

1. Teach children to love and obey Allah, build the sense of Allah – consciousness and to follow the beautiful Sunnah of the blessed Messenger peace be on him.
2. Encourage children to read the Glorious Quran with Tajweed
3. Nurture the moral values of kindness, patience, honesty, and generosity
4. Teach them to worship properly

This Curriculum aims to teach children key skills that will help them to become good Muslims, reading the Quran accurately, learning beliefs, manners, morals and the beautiful Sunnahs of the blessed Prophet (pbuh).

They will learn the Fiqh of prayer, cleanliness, fasting, Zakah as well as memorise Arabic prayers.
This curriculum is a response to the need of teachers and children in the Quran School, enabling teachers to help their students explore their beliefs and attitudes that will shape their worldview. We believe that children should take responsibility for their personal hygiene; Wudhu, pray, proud of being a Muslim, thus building their self-confidence and self esteem which is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. The teachings of morals and manners will help children to build healthy relationships at home, at school and with their neighbours.

The best among you is the one who learns and teaches the Quran