Quran School Management

We offer bespoke training sessions to support the teaching and learning of young people in Quran schools. The management training is designed to support and develop the students’ learning experience and has a strong focus on protecting children in your care through a robust safeguarding policies. It incorporates the latest safeguarding principles, management, operational and procedural frameworks to support your Quran School and equips your staff to effectively run the Quran school.

The training is recommended for Quran school headteachers and managers. It is also beneficial for senior teachers with management responsibilities and administration staff with admission responsibilities. We also have seperate courses for teacher training in order to develop teaching practice.

We have a 3 level Quality Assurance Framework

Basic – This will fulfil the government’s ‘Out of Schools Provisions’ requirements, (when they come out).

Intermediate – This level will ensure that the Quran School is mature in its management and in the delivery of high quality Islamic education.

Advanced – This will ensure that the Quran School is a beacon Madrassah and a leading light in the area for other Quran Schools.

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    “Karimia Institute is a pioneer in Madaris (Madrassa) teaching. Our course is specially designed for helping tutors to support children and help them to develop as confident young Muslims.”