Quran tutor course

This course aims to provide the practical knowledge that teachers can take away and implement in their classroom in order to:

  • improve professionalism
  • develop effectiveness of teaching
  • understand teaching pedagogy
  • advance students’ positive learning experiences
  • look at different views and bring in high-level discussion of current issues
  • effective teaching methods for today’s context
  • time management skills
  • practical knowledge from experienced instructors

The training course covers topics such teaching methodologies, motivation and behaviour management strategies, engaging students by catering for different learning styles, planning lessons effectively, assessing learning and differentiating as well as presenting available teaching resources and more.

The course is designed to offer a comprehensive programme of study for those who are currently or intending to teach Quran recitation, Tajweed and Islamic Studies. This course is ideal for both experienced and new teachers of Quran. The course is specifically designed to develop the skills of existing teachers and give solid foundation to those who intend to teach in a wide range of modes.